12 hand-picked
entrepreneurs, leaders,
and influencers
12 months of high-impact,
results-based learning
and development
1 powerful
and transformative

For the few. The Breakthrough Leaders.
12 Leaders is the most selective and measurably impactful
one-year program for executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers
committed to turning vision into impact.

Making the impossible possible

One of the goals in 12 Leaders® is to help elevate the vantage point and success trajectory of each individual leader so that their teams and companies keep benefiting from increasingly higher levels of performance and opportunities to achieve bigger goals sooner.

Among many examples, here are two:

Last year we achieved the sales goal we set for three years from now. Then last November we set a new goal for sales four years from now - and then we blew through that goal this year! We're even more excited about what's next!

Rod C. Fallow, President, Swagelok Northern California; 12 Leaders® alum

In Q4 last year, our sales are up 35% (year on year) and we are poised to pass the target we set for four years from now!

Graham Brodock, CEO and President, Kris-Tech Wire Company; 12 Leaders® alum

  • “12 Leaders is a powerful,innovative program for developing transformative personal effectiveness, leadership and teamwork. My 12 Leaders experience has helped me rethink what is strategically possible for organizational success, personal well-being, and philanthropic impact for the larger world.”

    – Ann Lawrence, Partner in the global law firm DLA Piper and founder of Pink 51, combining women’s advancement and philanthropy

  • “I wasn’t really that excited about having yet another ‘coach.’ I thought I had the best coaches in the world. But Robert Cooper and 12 Leaders drew out far more of the best in me—and that has changed my direction, from good to great to making ‘impossible’ possible. 12 Leaders and Robert Cooper were what I needed and I didn’t even realize it –but I do now!”

    – John Eliason, Founder and CEO, First Financial USA, a repeated winner of “Best Places to Work,” founder of Connect software, Rewire Lab, and author of Rewire

  • “One of the goals in 12 Leaders® is to help elevate the vantage point and success trajectory of each individual leader so that their teams and companies keep benefiting from increasingly higher levels of performance and opportunities to achieve bigger goals sooner. 12 Leaders is an innovative, science-based, uniquely customized strategic program for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders who want to unlock and ignite far greater business success while also making the world a better place. Exceptionally valuable.”

    – Rod C. Fallow, President, Swagelok Northern California

The Challenge

12 Leaders began over a decade ago with a challenge first put to us by a top global brand: Design a robust and dynamic curriculum to maximize the personal and professional growth of passionate entrepreneurial leaders.

Our interpretation of that challenge was 12 Leaders—a high-impact, results-based program for game-changers and industry transformers who are committed to achieving extraordinary results by adopting and applying the most targeted and cutting-edge insights.

With input from some of the world’s best thinkers across a wide range of disciplines, we created and led a hugely successful one-year program for twelve handpicked entrepreneurs, leaders, and influencers, placing a special emphasis on identifying where small adjustments in vision and action can create the greatest impact.

Over the years, we’ve incorporated the latest neuroscience advancements and accelerated growth research to create what is today one of the most powerful and effective programs in the world for breakthrough leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

Faster breakthroughs

Simpler strategies

Bigger opportunities

“I’ve never lacked confidence about my ability to handle whatever challenges might come my way. Now I feel even more confident that I can proactively influence outcomes, the futures of myself and other people around me.”

– Jeff Gutovich, founder and CEO, Sentry Financial Services

“Robert brings an amazing depth of clarity by asking all the right questions, and his position is always to support you in being your best. Experiencing that has significantly affected my own approach to leadership.”

– Neal Mody, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist

“I’m good at seeing ahead, but Robert’s better. He widened my angle, helped me strategize better, and then helped me see how to make the right things happen faster.”

– John Eliason, CEO, First Financial USA

We've incorporated the latest neuroscience advancements and accelerated growth research to create what is today one of the most powerful and effective programs in the world for breakthrough leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers.”

—Robert Cooper, Ph.D.

Robert Cooper, Ph.D.

What kinds of improvements are possible?

“Last year we achieved the sales goal we set for three years from now. Then last November we set a new goal for sales four years from now - and then we blew through that goal this year! We're even more excited about what's next!”

- Rod Fallow, President, Swagelok NC

The Breakthrough Leader

(compared to a conventionally successful leader)

  • 125%
    More Energy
  • 170%
    More Engagement
  • 210%
    More Learning
  • 225%
    More Personal Productivity
  • 6X
    More Creativity

Extraordinary Outcomes

  • Record Setting Results

  • Apex Operating System

  • Hacking Human Nature

  • Split Second Intelligence

  • Recommmenders

12 Leaders members internalize a customized version of the cutting edge MINDSET and ACTIONSET that drive the most significant new breakthroughs in every field.

12 Leaders member build customized blueprint of their “apex operating system”—mapping precisely what it takes for them to perform at their unlimited best levels of energy, focus, engagement and effectiveness across the entire working day—with far more of their best self left for life beyond work. Includes an exclusive set of the simplest and most effective energy-elevating tactics anywhere.

12 Leaders members master a powerful set of awareness skills to bypass disruptive hard-wired brain tendencies that block highest levels of effectiveness and ingenuity.

12 Leaders members learn powerful, simple new ways to take charge of the lightning-fast micro turning points that make or break their best efforts every day. It’s at these moments that breakthrough leaders make it look easy as they seize and multiply new opportunities, deflect negativity, and stay on top of the interruptions, distractions and chaos that derail everyone else.

As organizations scramble to win the marketspaces of the future and opportunity spaces of today, many of them are getting trapped by old mindsets. A new field of study and insight is emerging on the most powerful and overlooked marketing force: recommender science. And 12 Leaders is the only program teaching it to breakthrough leaders.

“Life is short. Whatever you want to do, you should know how to accelerate it, how to achieve greater results in less time. 12 Leaders drops what you need to know right into your hands. The value it has added to the quality and impact of my work and my life is incalculable.”

– Ann Lawrence, senior attorney and founder of Pink51

“An organization can only develop as fast as its leaders are developing. We want to break through the ceiling and never look back. 12 Leaders is helping us to do that.”

– Max Hansen and Brian Mohr, founders, Y Scouts

“Not a day goes by that I’m not applying something I have learned in the program, not just to achieve peak performance for myself, but to ignite it in everyone around me.”

– Rod Fallow, founder and CEO, Swagelok Northern California

Tools that accelerate breakthroughs

High Performance Profile

A customized launch pad for each member using a proprietary version of the most constructively irritating and spot-on profile anywhere. All across the year we build on this customization using in 1:1 weekly check-ins.

Strategic Value Gauge

This exclusive tool quickly clarifies and captures more of your unseen and emerging opportunities—while ejecting far more of the going-nowhere ideas that waste time, energy and focus.

Time Horizon

isionaries see the future but struggle in the present. Executers nail the present but tend to lack disciplined alignment with the best future. The Time Horizon tool purposefully and frequently extends the brain’s gaze 5 to 25 years ahead. This awakens untapped brain chemistry and starts connecting the right dots. That timeline is then pulled into the present to turn vision into energized action.

Breakthrough Teams: Design Template

The best leaders and teams outperform the S&P 500 by over 20X and outperform their peers by over 700%. In 12 Leaders, every member learns and internalizes the latest insights and tools on how the few can outperform the many. Every time.

“I learned to constantly ask three essential questions—‘What’s possible?’ ‘Who are we missing?’ ‘What is the smallest change that will have the greatest impact?’ Asking those questions has transformed the way we think and act.”

– Doug Andrew, best-selling author and financial advisor

“There were many ‘Eureka’ moments of great insight from my interactions with Robert, and those alone would have made the program invaluable to me. I also acquired a very large portfolio of specific skills and practices that start helping me when I wake up in the morning and continue to benefit me all day. Simply put, Robert Cooper and 12 Leaders have been life-changing for me.”

– Darius Campbell, acclaimed actor, singer, and philanthropist

“A lot of people will say they’ll be there for you, but not many will give what Robert gives, week in and week out. 12 Leaders has been an inspiring experience, and that inspiration, plus the many skills I gained, will help carry me, my business, and everyone around me to a higher level. I’ve learned how to…build strong alliances with people and organizations that will be in this with me for the long haul.”

– Elizabeth Sarquis, founder and CEO, Global Gaming Initiative

Program Design

12 Leaders consists of four one-day group sessions, as well as monthly individualized check-ins and strategic advisory meetings. This structure allows each element—from the design of the group sessions to each one-on-one gathering—to be fully customized in real-time.

What’s more, the program is tailor-made to produce the greatest significance in the least amount of time and identify where (and how) strategic ingenuity can be applied to amplify daily performance. This commitment to accelerated progress is just one part of what makes 12 Leaders vastly different from any other program of its kind.

Why never more than twelve in a group?
Over the course of thousands of workshops, we’ve identified that a max of twelve is the right number for maximizing the best possible outcomes. While we have certainly witnessed good (and even great) results with groups of all sizes, the most consistently exceptional and enduring impact comes from groups of 12 or fewer leaders.

Why only a year (and no renewals allowed)?
Science shows us that without the confines of a well-defined timeline, the brain finds ways to delay growth and remain unchanged. By instituting a stringent, one-year curriculum, we are able to accelerate the growth process in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

Why is it crucial to “Beat the Brain?”
The most significant obstacles to hyper-achievement reside in the default wiring of our brains. Day after day, new science demonstrates how we are wired to balk at change, miss opportunities, undermine relationships, and succumb to distractions. Our untapped capacity to create and achieve is limited by the brain in ways that most people, even the best leaders, cannot fully grasp. Learning to recognize those brain traps and implement simple workarounds—in essence, hacking human nature for good—creates a basis for rapid, sustained development.

Return On Investment

While, of course, 12 Leaders is tax-deductible as a business expense, it is not a typical “education expense.” It’s an investment in your best possible future.

Starting on Day 1, each participating member’s desired ROI is clearly defined. From there, we work to identify top growth success targets and uncover clear metrics and key performance indicators.

Here are a small handful of highlights from the broad range of metrics that 12 Leaders members use:

  • Winning more new clients or customers
  • Increasing sales and profitability
  • Multiplying key strategic “breakthrough allies”—the ones best positioned to measurably strengthen or speed the success of a business
  • Creating more of the right strategic vantage points to sense and seize previously unseen opportunities to fast-track success, reduce effort, and provide more personal room for growth
  • Building a distinctive Idea Bank with an array of best ideas and IP opportunities aimed at multiplying future income-generating and difference-making successes
  • Raising the clarity of focus and scaling significance of “doing good”: getting more traction in this key aspect of life and leadership
  • Increasing personal energy and focus levels in work and life
  • Raising the effectiveness/profitability of a firm/company/group as an elite team that creates the greatest value per minute and progress per dollar
  • Shifting from weak “be good” goals and actions to more powerful “get better” goals and actions
  • Saving on overhead in the latest highly effective business practices that are often overlooked
  • Elevating your overall level of engagement and performance
  • Clarifying and pilot-testing new business or personal opportunities

Core Faculty

12 Leaders draws on the insights of a remarkable team of colleagues to create game-changing and industry-transforming results—using scientifically based insights, ultra-practical tools, counterintuitive wisdom, and disciplined metrics. The primary 12 Leaders insights and one-on-one advisory work are guided by Robert Cooper and Suanne Sandage:

Robert Cooper, Ph.D.

Robert Cooper, Ph.D., is an independent scholar, neuroscientist, New York Times bestselling author, and trusted advisor to a number of top CEOs and entrepreneurs. He is founder and CEO of Cooper Strategic, Cooper Neuroscience Lab and 12 Leaders®, has been called “the ultimate business guru for the new millennium.” His books have sold more than four million copies. He and the Cooper Strategic team have advised the world’s best companies, earned top accolades for quality, value, impact and lasting results from speaking engagements and workshops, and have coached executives and entrepreneurs to new heights of personal and organizational success. Visit CooperStrategic.com for independent ratings, reviews, video clips, and comments on his leadership work.

Suanne Sandage, M.S.

Suanne Sandage, M.S. is an acclaimed peak performance advisor and coach. Her individualized work draws on decades of experience and a database of over 1 million leaders and entrepreneurs—along with in-depth experience with Robert Cooper and his team for more than two decades. She is founder and president of Services for Success, Inc. Her clients include founder, executives, entrepreneurs and teams from healthcare, financial services and security, technology, engineering, architecture, education, manufacturing, and retail.

Among the more than fifty other Cooper Colleagues who provide specific insights for 12 Leaders across the year include:

Gerald de Jaager

Gerald de Jaager has consulted to more than 75 organizations around the world and provided training to more than 20,000 leaders. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Yale who taught at Yale (where he was rated as one of the ten best teachers) and attended Yale Law School, his clients have included Apple, General Electric, Intel, and Toyota. He is the author of four books for leaders, including See New Now: 25 Brief Stories for Big Breakthroughs.

Michael Parrish DuDell

Michael Parrish DuDell is an entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business—the official business book from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. Recently ranked as one of the top three most popular business authors by Amazon.com, Michael has been featured by CNBC, Bloomberg TV, CNN, The New York Times, WABC, Business Insider, Yahoo, and FORBES, where he is a regular contributor. He currently hosts The Next Crop—a web series sponsored by Citrix GoToMeeting that showcases the next generation of business and media influencers.

Susan Duggan, Ph.D.

Susan Duggan, Ph.D., is a Fulbright Scholar and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow, co-founder of the Silicon Valley World Internet Center and the current CEO of Smart World Center, a think tank finding innovative collaborative solutions for a better world. For more than thirty years, as a strategist, researcher, and program designer, she has found powerful ways to bring together leaders from business, government, and educators to work on crucial projects.

Michael Gordon, Ph.D.

Michael Gordon, Ph.D., is the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. He is an award-winning educator and author, a social innovator honored by the Smithsonian Institution (three times. He is recognized as one of the information age’s leading innovators. His book Inclusivity is based on the most complete, in-depth empirical study yet on how to create social enterprises.

Nanxi Liu

Nanxi Liu is co-founder of Nanoly Bioscience and founder and CEO of Enplug, Inc., a technology company building the largest network of interactive indoor digital billboards—named one of the “Top 30 Startups to Watch” by Entrepreneur Magazine. She was a Fellow at the Clausen Center for International Business & Policy at the University of California; she won the Dell Social Innovation Award; and led the team that won the British Airways Ungrounded Innovation Competition.

12 Leaders: The Opportunity

One decade ago we broke new ground by taking the program directly to prominently recognized entrepreneurial men and women. This powerful enhancement has allowed for an increased interaction among a diverse membership with great accomplishments and varied perspectives.

For the 12 who choose to embark on this journey, their lives will be forever changed. But we also know this program isn’t for everyone. Only a select few possess the inherent drive and deep ambition required to tap into such concentrated potential, which is why we enforce a fierce and unwavering qualification process.

The ideal candidate is a talented and ambitious entrepreneurial thinker with a proven track record of success who wants to grow his or her business in clearly differentiated ways and optimize personal and organizational effectiveness.

At its core, 12 Leaders is about an attitude—a commitment to challenge the boundaries of possibility and discover the infinite scope of one’s own personal legacy. While the program may only last a year, the benefits endure for a lifetime.


When offered within an organization, the intense personal attention given to each participant results in standard fees of $250,000 or more per person, with proven immediate and lasting ROI. For this special program we have reduced these fees.

The fee for participation in 12 Leaders has been adjusted to less than half of these standard fees: to $125,000.

Each 12 Leaders group has a maximum of 12 members. The program is 12 months, with no renewals. This powerful neuroscience-based program structure accelerates individual growth and elevates the trajectory of unprecedented new results.

This powerful neuroscience-based program structure accelerates individual growth and elevates the trajectory of unprecedented new results.

12 L

Program Overviews and Comparison

Fast-Start Roadmap
Set initial goals for best possible outcomes
One 60-minute call with Robert Cooper, Ph.D.
Accelerated Growth Sessions
Custom designed and led by Robert Cooper
Two 1 ½ Day Accelerated Growth Sessions, custom designed and led by Robert Cooper, Ph.D.
High Performance Profile
Identify personal high performance traits, strengths, trait alignments and limitations that are unique to each individual. Drawing on a peak performance database with over one million entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers.
One High Performance Profiles, with custom individual interpretation, discussed by phone for approximately one hour; pinpointing key focus areas for increased energy, effectiveness, time savings, ingenuity and impact. These insights are utilized throughout program, and can multiply your successes. Additional High Performance Profiles may be purchased at $495 (regularly $795) and include a one hour interpretation session and potential composite profile interpretation session if you include a spouse or key team member.
Weekly Progress Check-In 30-minute review each week by phone or e-mail with a Cooper colleague, with customized interaction or response. Includes added prep time by Cooper colleagues
Twice-a-Month 45-Minute Strategic Advisory Calls One-to-One with Robert Cooper, Ph.D. $125K 12 Leaders Program: Includes
Twenty 1:1 Strategic Advisory Calls with Robert Cooper, Ph.D., scheduled across the year of the program
Access to Exclusive Content
Includes more than 150 essays and more than 80 audios by Robert Cooper
  • Customized Fast Start Roadmap Call (one 60-minute call)
  • One High Performance Profile with phone interpretation and forward plan, plus composite High Performance Profile interpretation (1 hour)
  • Two 1 ½ Day Accelerated Growth Sessions, custom designed and led by Robert Cooper, Ph.D.
  • Weekly phone or e-mail progress check-in with Cooper colleague
  • 20 45-Minute Strategic Advisory Calls one-to-one with Robert Cooper, including 40 hours of preparation time by Robert Cooper
  • Access to exclusive 12 Leaders content and resources

Join 12 leaders

Eligibility to join 12 Leaders is decided through both evaluation and conversation.

We extend membership invitations to entrepreneurs, leaders, and influencers with a successful track record, hard-won wisdom, and a deep drive to continue learning and growing.

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